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What's it like working at HCT Group?

If you’re looking for a job where you feel like you’re part of a team, not part of a big machine, then HCT Group is for you. We’re proud that colleagues here say they are treated as an individual, not as a number. We’re committed to equality, and we value our staff and what they have to say.

Each year we conduct a staff satisfaction survey, giving colleagues a stronger voice. The survey explores how people feel about their role, the organisation and how communication and dialogue might be improved. Results are shared across the organisation, with each region developing an action plan to follow up on staff feedback.


Peter's Story

Peter, who drives service buses in Jersey, loves getting to know our passengers, and took part in our 2015 Social Enterprise Champions programme.

Peter says since HCT Group has taken over Jersey’s buses, they have improved dramatically
Peter says since HCT Group has taken over Jersey’s buses, they have improved dramatically

‘I’ve been in Jersey since 1970. I’ve done all sorts – I ran a pub, I managed a football team, I’ve driven coaches, and just before I joined HCT Group I was working in freight.

‘I have worked here since 2013, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I love having a chat with my passengers – I have a good rapport with customers and you get to know people. We talk about all sorts – the weather, football, their pets!

‘More and more people are using the bus these days, because the service has improved tremendously. Buses run later to every corner of the island, and on the busy routes there are more buses every hour. We’re also getting a lot more tourists using the buses – people realise we have tickets that work for them, they don’t need to get a coach tour. It’s been great to see the buses being used more and more.’

‘We have a good camaraderie here, it’s a good environment to work in. There’s never a day that you don’t have a good chat and a laugh in the canteen.’

In 2015 Peter took part in the Social Enterprise Champions Programme, open to staff from across HCT Group. The Champions are HCT Group staff from across the organisation – they could be drivers, passenger assistants or administrators.  Their role is to help their colleagues learn about social enterprise and why it’s a good idea.

‘We went to Bristol, Leeds and London, and it was very interesting’ says Peter. ‘We went to places that were helping the community, offering things for people to do – people who would normally be stuck on their own.’ HCT Group provides transport to help people who wouldn’t be able to get around otherwise, and we know it makes an amazing difference to people’s lives. Read more about our Social Enterprise Champions programme here.