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What's it like working at HCT Group?

If you’re looking for a job where you feel like you’re part of a team, not part of a big machine, then HCT Group is for you. We’re proud that colleagues here say they are treated as an individual, not as a number. We’re committed to equality, and we value our staff and what they have to say.

Each year we conduct a staff satisfaction survey, giving colleagues a stronger voice. The survey explores how people feel about their role, the organisation and how communication and dialogue might be improved. Results are shared across the organisation, with each region developing an action plan to follow up on staff feedback.


Andres' Story

Andres spent a few years thinking about becoming a bus driver before he decided to go for it – and he has never looked back!

Andres says he used to feel nervous about driving a double-decker, but now he loves his job.
Andres says he used to feel nervous about driving a double-decker, but now he loves his job.

'I used to be a window cleaner, and I thought about being a bus driver for 2 or 3 years before I decided to do it. I used to ask bus drivers how they got into it, looking for tips. I got my licence and started looking for a job. I tried HCT Group but at that time there weren’t any vacancies, so I got a job at a big bus company through an agency. At a big company you can sometimes feel like just a number, so 7 months later, when I got a call from HCT Group saying they were taking on new drivers, I jumped at the chance! I’ve been here since July 2018.

'At HCT Group you get to know staff better – if I’m booking holiday or need something for my uniform, the team are really helpful. And I feel more ‘part of things’ here, there’s a good team spirit.

'I really enjoy my job now. You make friends with the passengers – some people are friendly and they get on the bus with a big smile on their face! And if you’re a good driver, you can progress in your career.

'Now I get passengers asking me about becoming a bus driver – I always say, HCT Group is a good company to work for, I recommend it!'