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Business growth

HCT Group is a genuine social enterprise success story, combining rapid, consistent growth with high social impact.

New buses for growing work in London. Image (c) Alex Grace

A Social enterprise success story

HCT Group is a growing business – we have grown from a handful of volunteers and a couple of minibuses, with a turnover of £202k in 1993 – to a large scale social enterprise We now operate a fleet of over 750 vehicles from sixteen depots across London, Yorkshire, the southwest, the northwest, Derbyshire and the Channel Islands, with a staff team of over 1800 and a 2017/18 turnover of c£62.9m.

Our recent history is no exception – we have grown on average 20% per year every year for the past ten years – a real social enterprise success story. We are continuing to expand our services, aiming to win new business, undertake new projects and grow into new areas.

This is not growth for growth’s sake. We operate in an industry that rewards scale and the better we do commercially, the more we can do socially – commercial success enables our community impact.

 HCT Group turnover 2006-present

Year Turnover
2006/7 £12.6m
2007/8 £16.4m
2008/9 £20.5m
2009/10 £23.3m
2010/11 £28.1m
2011/12 £28.6m
2012/13 £37.6m
2013/14 £43.7m
2014/15 £45.4m
2015/16 £44.2m
2016/17 £49.6m
2017/18 £62.9m

 Our audited accounts can be found here