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Customer focus

Identifying all customer groups, engaging with them and monitoring satisfaction levels.

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Customer focus

Our claim is to put the passenger at the heart of everything we do and we invest considerable effort in identifying and measuring the social impact of our services.  However this is not the limit of our customer focus, community and public transport services operate in a context of multiple stakeholders.

For some passenger groups the role of parents or carers is of critical importance.  Institutional stakeholders such as special schools, day centres or other community facilities also have a clear interest in ensuring that transport services are delivered in ways that support and facilitate their work.

HCT Group is also seeking ways to contact and engage potential customers, isolated individuals who do not get out and may be lonely and unsupported.

Also of crucial importance are the requirements of the client authority which commissioned the service and is meeting the cost.  We are committed to providing data and information which reports on and explains both the operation performance and the social impact of services.


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