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Innovation and change

As a social enterprise, HCT Group believes that we should be taking down the barriers to access – through new thinking, changes to policy and trying out new ideas.

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Social impact

HCT Group exists to make a difference in our communities

Making change happen

At HCT Group, we want to see a world where no-one faces barriers to access. To get there will take more than just providing services – it will take genuine innovation and change. It will involve thinking again about how transport services are designed, commissioned and provided. It will involve challenge, debate and listening – and it will involve testing out new ideas on the ground.

To make that change happen, HCT Group aims to challenge the status quo with new ideas – helping our partners and stakeholders through publications, blogs and other media. We aim to influence public policy to support decision-makers as they seek better outcomes for citizens with fewer resources.

We also run practical projects – often with partners – to try out innovative new ways of making a difference – from sharing what we know about social enterprise with the wider community transport movement to training ex-offenders as bus drivers.

How we work

Partnership, customer focus and the social enterprise edge

Drive on

Training ex-offenders as bus drivers

Future journeys

A support programme for Community Transport organisations


The Greater Manchester bus franchising consultation: HCT Group responds

We believe that the franchising proposals are the only way to ensure a comprehensive, affordable and integrated network which serves local residents.

The Social Value Act - six steps to fulfilment

It has been several years since The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 was introduced and the number of commissioners who are actively procuring social value is not at the level it should be. This paper sets out what we think should change.

The art of the possible in public procurement

This guide sets out how commissioners can take advantage of the new freedoms and flexibilities in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, to deliver high impact, innovative solutions to complex social issues.