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HCT Group champions new thinking about transport, social enterprise and public policy. From time to time we produce reports and publications with new ideas.

The Greater Manchester bus franchising consultation: HCT Group responds

We believe that the franchising proposals are the only way to ensure a comprehensive, affordable and integrated network which serves local residents.

The Social Value Act - six steps to fulfilment

It has been several years since The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 was introduced and the number of commissioners who are actively procuring social value is not at the level it should be. This paper sets out what we think should change.

The art of the possible in public procurement

This guide sets out how commissioners can take advantage of the new freedoms and flexibilities in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, to deliver high impact, innovative solutions to complex social issues.

Practical bus franchising - the Jersey model

Since 2013, Jersey has seen bus ridership numbers increase by a third, subsidies down by £800k per year, and customer satisfaction improving - all thanks to its franchising model. This paper sets out how it happened.

Innovation in transport procurement - seven big ideas to beat the public spending crunch

In this paper we argue that 'the same but cheaper' is no longer an option, and set out bold new ideas for high impact commissioning.