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Working in partnership

Working with commissioners to optimise transport services, developing solutions together and sharing the benefits.

Working in partnership

In partnership

Working in partnership means sharing the challenges, sharing data and information, jointly developing workable solutions and sharing the benefits.  In our experience, traditional adversarial contracting relationships rarely deliver continually improving performance and often fail to deliver the financial savings or benefits that they are supposed to.

The keys to effective partnership working are information, communication and shared objectives. 

On Jersey, for example, our contract is ‘open book’ with all financial and performance information shared between ourselves and the States.  Our local management meet regularly with the client officers and at a strategic level we maintain an open channel of communication.  The key objectives of growing passenger numbers and delivering modal shift are shared and both parties are financially incentivised to deliver them.

Our Jersey social impact report not only measures the growth in bus services, but evaluates the difference this has made to the daily lives on people on the island.

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