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Transforming life chances

High quality transport and transport assistance services for older and disabled people and people with learning difficulties.

Transforming life chances. Image (c) Alex Grace

Transforming life chances 

We believe that everyone should be able to get out and about, to visit friends, for shopping and leisure, health and recreation, work and education and to take advantage of the full range of opportunities our society offers.

 HCT Group provides high quality, accessible transport services, including home to school for students with special educational needs (for example in London), services for older people and for people with disabilities (for example in Leeds).

 The key principles of our services are that:

  • Vehicle crews are selected for their attitudes and well as their aptitude and trained to understand the needs of the passengers they are working with.
  • We develop and test our own training programmes around Safeguarding and DBS, to ensure confidence in our staff and stakeholders.
  • We employ experienced supervisory and management staff to ensure that services are delivered consistently and reliably.
  • We use comfortable vehicles, suitable for people with different mobility challenges.
  • We communicate proactively, with commissioners, with carers, with schools and day centres and with service users as appropriate.

We run large scale contracts (20 vehicles or more) for a number of commissioners across the UK. If you would like to talk to us about SEND transport or services for adults, please contact us or read more about how we work.

Transforming public transport

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Transforming communities

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