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How to view and download your payslips

This guide walks you through the steps you need to take to view your payslips on the MyHCT HR and payroll system.

Step 1: Log on

 To view your payslip, you’ll need to log on to MyHCT. You can do this by following this link. There’s more information on logging in in our FAQ pages

Step 2: go to the ‘My pay’ area 

Once you’ve logged in click on the ‘my pay’ tab:

screengrab of MyHCT

Step 3: The main payslip screen

The ‘My pay’ tab will show the following screen - you will see a list of payslips and their pay dates that you can view. At a glance you will see ‘Pay date’ for each one and the net pay figure.

download screen


1: If you click on a pay date, this will bring up the details of that period's payslip, giving you information at a glance.

2: By clicking the 'download' button for a particular payslip, it will download the payslip to your device as a PDF

3: You can search for a particular payslip - or payslips - by date range by entering the dates in the date boxes, then pressing 'search'. 

4: You can download all the results of your search (or just all your payslips at once) by clicking 'download all'.

Step 4: Troubleshooting    

If you’re experiencing problems downloading or viewing your payslip, the two most common fixes are as follows.

Adobe Reader not installed

As the payslips are in pdf format, you’ll need Adobe Reader to view them. If you don’t have this installed, you can get it here.

Pop-up blockers

The system uses pop ups to display content. If these are not enabled for this page, you may run into problems. Most of the time, a message usually appears on the bottom of your browser bar and you simply click ‘allow’, this will then enable you to open your payslip.

On an iPhone, this can sometimes be a bit more involved. To fix the issue:

  • Open up the iPhone Settings and select Safari
  • Scroll down the screen and turn off the Block Pop-ups setting

In some circumstances it is necessary to clear out Safari’s history to ensure the change is picked up immediately. To do this, scroll down the Safari setting pages a little further and select the option “Clear History and Website Data”. On the screen that pops up, select “Clear History and Data”