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This guide aims to answer your most frequently asked questions about the MyHCT HR and payroll self service system. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try the more detailed user guides.

  • What is MyHCT?

    MyHCT is our branded version of iTrent, which is HCT Group’s HR & Payroll system which combines our existing databases into one streamlined point of access. It is a simple web based application that can be accessed from any computer, Smart phone, tablet or Smart TV.

  • What is the self-service portal?

    This is the part of the system that is exclusively for you. It allows you to access your payslips; view and update your personal details and view absences you have had.

    In the future you will also be able to request and view your annual leave (non MyDAS) through this portal.

  • How can I access the self-service portal?

    You can follow this link from any device, in any location that has internet access. This link is completely secure and password protected.

  • Pro tip - Creating a shortcut on your phone

    As you’ll be logging on reasonably frequently, it may well be worth your while to create a shortcut on your phone to go straight there.  To do this, it depends on your make of phone:

    • For iPhone users you will see the share button at the bottom of your screen. Click on the Icon and select “Add to Home Screen”
    • For Android users, use the three dots in the corner and select “Add to Home Screen”
  • How do I log in?

    When you first arrive at the new system, you’ll see login screen that says ‘Employee self-service’ by iTrent (the provider of the system) and you’ll be asked for a user name and password.  Right now, your user name and password are the same thing – your national insurance number. (If you can't remember your NI Number, it's on all of your previous payslips.) 

    You’ll be asked to pick a new password when you first log in – please pick something you’ll remember and, don’t forget, the password is case sensitive.

  • How do I access my payslip?

    You will also be able to access it through the self-service portal. From May 2022 onwards it will only be available through the portal. You will have the option to view, download and print your payslip as required.

    To view your payslip just click the red tab that looks like this:

    Pay icon

    This will bring up a list of payslips, which you can download as pdfs. If you have any difficulties, you can find a user guide here. 

    Payslips from 1st April 2022 will be available on MyHCT. Payslips and P60s prior to 1st April 2022 will not be held within the portal. 

  • When will my payslip be available?

    From 6 June May 2022 your payslip will be available on the self-service portal on or after your pay day. Your payslips will remain stored in the portal for the duration of your employment with HCT Group. Your P60 for 2022/23 will also be stored in the same area as your payslip.

  • What do I do if any of my details are wrong?

    You can amend most of your details by going into the relevant screen in the self-service portal.

    There are certain changes that require further authorisation before they are live in the system as supporting documents are required, such as changing your name. In this scenario you will need to speak to your local depot staffing administrator or HR Contact to make the change on your behalf.

    Any change of bank details needs to go directly to

    You can find a user guide on changing your details here.

  • What if there is an error in my details but the system won’t let me make any changes?

    You will need to inform your staffing administrator or HR contact.

  • Who can see my information?

    The system is completely secure and only senior managers directly involved in generating your pay or processing your HR information will have access to personal information held about you.

  • What happens if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password you will have the facility to re-set it, providing you can answer your memorable question correctly.

    To set your memorable question and answer go to the person icon in the top right hand corner 

    Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu next to the cog icon, and then select “Memorable Information” then enter your memorable question and answer.

    In the event of you being unable to re-set your password you will need to contact a system administrator at

    You can find a full user guide for this here.

  • Are there any other features that will be included?

    iTrent has many other functions which will be released over time, including the facility to manage annual leave (for those that do not use MyDAS) and access your training record.

  • I have a question which I can’t find the answer to, who should I contact?

    We have set up a dedicated email account for your queries