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Social impact stories

The best way to find out about our social impact is through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us

Paul's Story

Paul is a wheelchair user who uses our Dial-a-Ride and accessible car services in Bristol to get out and see friends.

Hackney Winter Night Shelter

Hackney Winter Night Shelter uses our minibuses to take guests from dinner to a dorm for the night.

Jake’s Story

Jake was fed up travelling to school on the minibus and really wanted to travel on his own. Now his mum trusts him to travel independently because he has learnt lots of travelling tips and knows how to travel safely.

Battersea Park Rotary Club

Christmas dinner for isolated older people is part of Battersea Park Rotary Club's tradition - and we help make sure people can get there.

Patrick's Story

When Patrick wanted to turn his life around, our Learning Centre became a launchpad into employment as a bus driver.

Matt's Story

Matt uses our LiberyBus service in Jersey and loves the freedom and independence it gives him.

Pamela's Story

Pamela chooses LibertyBus to get out, see friends and family and keep fit.

Jordan's Story

For Jordan, LibertyBus means a sense of freedom and independent travel to college and work.

Kerri's Story

Kerri has switched from her car to the bus, saving her money and giving her a stress-free journey to work.

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte found new independence, after she took part in our Travel Buddies Independent Travel Training programme